GridWorks MarketMaker

This is the Python SDK for building MarketMakers for GridWorks. GridWorks uses distributed actors to balance the electric grid, and MarketMakers are the actors brokering this grid balancing via the markets they run for energy and balancing services.

This SDK is available as the gridworks-marketmaker pypi package. Documentation specific to using this SDK is available here. If this is your first time with GridWorks code, please start with the main GridWorks docs.

MarketMakers support grid balancing by running markets. They are geared to serve millions of coordinated and intelligent Transactive Devices, represented in their markets by AtomicTNodes. The veracity of the ex-poste energy and power data provided by AtomicTNodes to the MarketMaker is backed up via a series of GridWorks Certificates globally visible on the Algorand blockchain. These include the foundational TaDeeds that establish ownership of the underlying Transactive Device, and the TaTradingRights that give the AtomicTNode authority to represent the Transactive Device in its MarketMaker’s markets.



gridworks-marketmaker requires python 3.10 or higher.

(venv)$ pip install gridworks-marketmaker